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Boclair House Hotel

Glasgow & Clyde

100 Milngavie Road, Bearsden, Glasgow. G61 2TQ.

Tel: +44 (0)141 942 4278


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Our review

If you were to be told that a hotelier had taken a building occupied by the local council since the 1960s and turned it into a hotel, as was the case with Boclair House, you could be forgiven for imagining a soviet-style block of concrete or perhaps a grey high-rise building that would be better suited to demolition. However, there’s a slight difference in this story once you get to the detail and, in this case, the council building in question might not quite be what you would expect.

In fact, Boclair House is a stunning period mansion built in 1890 by the benevolent Buchanan sisters, to house members of the family clan who had fallen onto hard times. In 2016, Manorview Hotels carefully and sympathetically transformed it from a council administrative headquarters into a spectacular boutique hotel and wedding venue. In doing so they have created something very special.

This transformation, overseen by Michael Simmonds of Space I.D., is a wonderful embellishment of a fantastic period building and he and the team at Manorview can rightly feel very proud of what they have achieved in establishing this hotel as one of the finest Glasgow has to offer.

The care and detail are apparent from the outset as guests are greeted with a wonderful sweeping approach to the main entrance. Needless to say, this first impression is only the beginning of an irrepressible feeling of travelling back to the days when Boclair House was at the height if its pomp.

The hotel comprises of 12 suites named after a Scottish island and each decorated to the highest standard. A delightful touch is that the room names are not painted on the doors, as one might expect, but are light projected onto the dark wooden floor of the corridor outside. This creates an almost magical impression, as if the doors might disappear at any moment à la Harry Potter.

Inside the rooms, you are provided with every luxury: sumptuous oversized beds and period furniture are complimented by each suite having its own unique, impressive and imposing chandelier, which creates a real centrepiece to the wonderful design.

The bar and restaurant area are designed with dark wood panelling and rich, luxurious fabrics; these delightful touches all add to a wonderful sense of grandeur. The dinner experience is a continuation of this high standard and a very fine menu is executed superbly by the kitchen team.

The overall experience of Boclair House is something very special and that is even before you consider their wedding offering: a state of the art function suite with capacity for up to 200 people and the option for a wedding party to hire the entire house for that big day.

This fantastic transformation is sure to become a great asset to the local community by offering a high quality, reasonably priced, dining experience in wonderful surroundings.

There is a lot to like about Boclair House and, given time, it will become a well known gem that has a high reputation not just in it’s immediate locale, but also on the wider Scottish hotel scene.


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