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Our sponsors

Ingliston Country Club

Glasgow & Clyde

Ingliston Estate, Bishopton, Renfrewshire. PA7 5PA.

Tel: +44 (0) 845 301 1010


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Our review

Often we refer to five star venues in this part of the world and often we realise that when we travel abroad our perception of five star is raised to a much higher level.

Ingliston Country club absolutely bucks that theory from the moment you pass through the main gates.

The immediate impact of quality from the copper beech hedgerows that define the car park and frame the buildings you realise that this is indeed high quality. Even the directional signposting around the grounds is immaculate and eye catching.

The country club is a series of buildings each with its own purpose but all mirroring the same high level attention to detail and quality. Clearly the eye of a perfectionist is close by.

The accommodation is housed in what is a carbon copy of a very popular chain hotel layout. However there ends the comparison, the quality finishing to the interior soon makes you forget that well known mid-market brand. The décor and finishing to the corridors exudes quality and the bedroom carry that standard through. The rooms boast Hypnos beds, a market leader in bed provision and certainly guaranteed an excellent nights sleep during this review.  The room transcends its humble design with generous and luxurious bed coverings and scatter cushion. A decadent show piece mirror (also to be found at the corridor ends) and a luxurious features chair lifts this to a much higher level of comfort.

Similarly the bathroom is enhanced with more than double the level of lighting and the bathroom toiletries are from Pascal Morabito. The quality of towelling was nothing short of luxurious and the whole package of bedroom and bathroom presented spotlessly clean.

A short walk from the accommodation block past the Salerno function suite in the central Inglistion building. This is home to Palomino’s restaurant, where you can enjoy excellent cuisine whilst watching the floor shoe of trotting thoroughbreds in the glass enclosed equestrian arena. A really unique experience in the West of Scotland and one that this reviewer would recommend highly.

The combination of locally sourced produce, excellent west coast seafood and the guiding hand of Donald McInnes, Executive Chef, make this a really wonderful dining experience, without the formality of a grand city restaurant.

Interestingly, this is the small end of the catering side, with Ingliston looking almost two hundred weddings this year in its purpose built functions suites, Salerno and Connemara, this is a well established string of this multi faceted business.

Then of course there is the core element of the business, the equine facilities and accommodation, and whilst we did not experience first hand the comfort of the stables, a quick visual inspection tells you that as with everything else about this great facility, the horses also enjoy five star surroundings.


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