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The Busby Hotel

Glasgow & Clyde

1 Field Road, Clarkston, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire. G76 8RX.

Tel: +44 (0) 141 644 2661


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Our review

There will be few folk in Glasgow who have not been to The Busby. Be it for a meal or a wedding, you would be hard pressed not to have, at one point or other, crossed its threshold. For those who’ve not had the opportunity to visit in the past couple of years, you will be excused if you thought you had arrived at the wrong hotel. The transformation this property has undergone since Manorview Hotels took the stewardship over is really quite incredible.

The bedrooms exude total quality in all detail and are some of the best that can be found in a very strong upscale market that has flourished in Glasgow over the past few years. However, the surprise and quality does not end there. The bathrooms are at a level of detail and quality that would sit comfortably among the strongest examples of the five-star market. Porcelanosa designed bathware and rainfall showers that engulf you are wonderfully designed and positioned to ensure the space is utilised effectively.

The ground floor has been transformed into a bright space with a wonderful island bar taking centre stage. The combination of informal seating and a raised area granting more privacy works well to accommodate those who wish to be seen in this elegant surrounding and those who have private business to carry out.

The service throughout is warm and welcoming; it is clear that the team here have a pride in their hotel, their customer care and their company. The local community have also embraced the transformation, as evidenced by a full restaurant and bar area on nights that one would traditionally expect to be quiet. The food offering is tempting and the special ‘Tapas Tuesday’ is a pleasant surprise that is sure to help alleviate menu fatigue for the regular business visitor. Further, the bar boasts as large a selection of draft beers as you will get in a busy city centre public house and the spirits selection covers just about every major brand as well.

The other string to The Busby’s bow is it’s phenomenal wedding business. They cater for upwards of a one hundred weddings per year and this confidence in their service extends to not only customers, but industry professionals: they have been recognised at the Vows Awards (the Scottish wedding business premier awards) as the Wedding Venue of the Year for 2016. To win this accolade, The Busby beat off some seriously strong competition including internationally recognised five star brand hotels.

So this local community hotel, that services a nice little corner of Glasgow, has clearly got bigger things on its mind — and rightly so. The investment in not just in the building, but also in the team is evident in every aspect of the guest experience. It’s great to see that the efforts by Manorview hotels are rightly gaining recognition, hats off to the Busby team. We are sure it is just the start of greater things to come…


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