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“The flagship awards for the Scottish hotel industry” - First Minister Alex Salmond

The Scottish Hotel Awards’ 11th annual judging season is now underway and we warmly invite you to take part! Guests of Scotland’s hotels and industry members can use this page to nominate hotels or individuals.

Hotels (and other participating accommodation establishments) may also receive a formal Nomination direct from the Judging Team, and / or a Certificate of Excellence for a nominated individual, and will in all cases receive an Entry form direct from head office.

Nominations come from a variety of sources with feedback and information coming to us over the whole year. We receive nominations from our researchers and judging experts; from consumers via this website and others where we place links, social media, and from readers of Scotland Magazine; from hoteliers; and from many other industry contacts.

Our task is to shape these proposed nominations (or votes) into the basis of the awards categories each year so that the regional, class and final national results are appropriate and relevant to the particular year.

You can nominate as many hotels or hotel people as you wish.

THANK YOU: every vote counts!

Hotel Nominations now closed - Voting for 2015 will re-open on May 1st 2014