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  • Family Hotel of the Year
    Ingliston Country Club
  • Yes
    Douneside House
  • Yes
    Princes Street Suites
  • Family Hotel of the Year

    Region by region, judges will be looking for hotels – of all sizes, including resorts – where great thought has been given to the effective provision of a truly good family experience. We’ll seek out all aspects we know to be important to parents, children and older family members. Original-thinking, nice touches and staff experience and attitude will count for much; good facilities are a natural advantage but each must be well-run. The award will go to the hotel demonstrably working hardest to please families: from effective communication of ideas and activities, accommodation flexibility, to safety, experience, atmosphere and good (including healthy) food. Uniquely, the SHA judging process will include a full family visit. In addition to the regional winners are two class winners: the Great for Kids Award for a hotel that offers a top range of original, well-organised and skilfully supervised activities in a safe environment for children; and the valuable market-specific Dog Friendly Hotel Award recognising an enthusiastic and well-thought through approach to hosting, handling and looking after all kinds of dogs – from sporting breeds and helper dogs to family pets.

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    2018 Winner

    Ingliston Country Club

    Ingliston Country Club is a 5-star family-run estate and sits in peaceful countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow city centre that's just a 25-minute drive away with Glasgow air... read more