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  • Town Hotel of the Year
    The George Hotel
  • Yes
    Eagle Hotel
  • Yes
    Fairfield House Hotel
  • Yes
    Newburgh Inn
  • No
    The Portree Hotel
  • Yes
    The Tontine Hotel
  • Yes
    Tigh na Leigh
  • Town Hotel of the Year

    In towns across the nation we see an array of often unsung yet very successful and locally-valued town hotels, usually independently operated. The quality of such an hotel can genuinely impact on the quality of life in a town and judges will look, region by region, at every aspect of the hotel from exterior presentation (such as state of décor, planting and flags) through public areas and service therein to accommodation and food. Investment in facilities and people will be noted and the more a town hotel celebrates and adds to its location then the more it will strengthen a key aspect of its case for the regional and perhaps national title.

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    2018 Winner

    The George Hotel

    Hotelkeeping at the George Hotel dates back to 1751 and you feel all of that history the minute you walk through the doors.

    Kris Clark and his team have preserved a little bit of Highland... read more