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Ardtorna B & B

Argyll & Lomond

Barcaldine, Oban, Argyll. PA37 1SE.

Tel: +44 1631 720 125


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Our review

Ardtorna defies most people’s conception of Bed & Breakfast establishments. For many years,  Bed & Breakfasts were defined by two letters: B and B. They were a place to go where you could have a comfortable night's sleep and a hearty breakfast before setting out to explore the area, visit friends and family, or go to work.

There are still places like that. Hundreds of thousands of them. But there are also places like Ardtorna which occupy that uncategorised sphere between B&Bs and luxury hotels.

This is the  realm of highly personalised and luxurious B&Bs. Where B&Bs offer an even better guest experience than many four star hotels without the restaurant, the front desk, the leisure centre and room service. A place where receptionists are the property owners themselves, and personalised service goes far beyond a concierge and a welcome letter in the bedroom. Those visiting Ardtorna are made to feel like guests in the original sense of the word, not simply as someone who has booked a room, but someone who has been invited.

The first thing guests notice about Ardtorna is its striking eco-friendly building, which could easily have been featured by Kevin McCloud in Channel Four’s Grand Designs. It consists of a long building with large glass walls allowing the light and beauty of the surrounding area to enter the guest bedrooms. The second thing they will notice is the interior décor which is contemporary, minimalist, natural but creative and so very pristine.

From then on, it is one surprise after another, from freshly made scones as a welcoming treat to finding a large amount of snacks and drinks available free of charge in the rooms. There is lovely home-made liqueur and whisky available in the corridor and an interesting high-tech pen used by astronauts on every bedroom’s desk. But more than the things that you see, all of exceptional quality, it is the care and attention which owners Sean and Karen give to guests that really stand out.

They have a large selection of wines beautifully displayed for those wishing to enjoy them, and the breakfast is not only made to order, wholesome, fresh and glorious, but also surprisingly beautiful to look at. Gorgeous matching tableware creates a special sight at breakfast time and colours change daily so that every day guests have a new visual surprise.


Ardtorna’s location and the building’s location are other important factors to consider when looking for a place to stay in Oban. From the bedroom, the dining room, and anywhere outside, guests have magnificent Loch views. Every sunset brings new colours to the building which is in a high, secluded and privileged position.

Contrary to what happens at most B&Bs it is not uncommon to find guests simply staying at Ardtorna and not leaving to explore the area as planned. The atmosphere of relaxation is such, that you might very well want to simply enjoy your room, the views and the whisky cream liqueur outside the room. Don’t forget to ask for the recipe before you leave!

December 2015



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